What was the basis of martha stewart s reputation

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What was the basis of martha stewart s reputation

Economics assignment essay on: Global financial crisis Economics assignment essay on: Global financial crisis Introduction A considerable number of organisations tend to disappear eventually. The global financial crisis was an explanation for how major firm could fail and become bankrupt including the financial institutions, global businesses and industrial corporations Samuel, Organisational crisis or failure is not only depicted by bankruptcy but any phenomenon that causes and dramatic fall in the case of market value and the grace that were enjoyed by them.

The case study discussed is of the organisational failure that was faced by Martha Stewart Omni media MSOwhich was the aftermath of lack of proper decision making from the leader of the firm who was Martha Stewart. She was the leader of the company and her face and personality were used to make connections between the various businesses including the magazines, radio channels and TV shows.

She sold them just a day before the day when U. She rejected the advanced knowledge of any insider information as a reason for selling the shares.

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Though securities fraud case was dismissed from at a later stage, charges on Obstruction of justice, charges of conspiracy and making false statements remained. The judge had thrown on Marta Stewart one of the most serious charges against her and it was securities fraud. No evidence was found out against Martha Stewart in the case of insider trading by the prosecutors of the case.

She was imprisoned because of the status and conviction she held in lying to the federal investigators that and revealed that no one is above the law and disregarded her status as Americas best known hostess and stuck to the facts of the case N.

Though she acquitted of the charges the behaviour that was depicted by Martha was completely unethical in nature. In the eyes of the public the major reason for Stewart to suffer imprisonment is her Arrogance Hoffman The context of the case The issue surfaced in June and until then Stewarts private life was not open to the customers.

Two different brokers had stopped the sales from happening because it was not ethical while Sam tried selling of his other shares of the company. The case between even more complicated a Martha Stewart denied any wrongdoing from her side.

Her Broker Peter Bacanovic was also scrutinized and he was not ready to give his phone records to house energy and commerce commission. He was also pleaded guilty for accepting gifts from the superiors for keeping quiet.

What was the basis of martha stewart s reputation

Eaksan was proved guilty for six among the nine charges, but kept Martha Stewart away from trouble. Insider trading is a very selfish motive to be adapted by the sellers of the share and the loss will be felt by many who are not good investors.

Brand equity is a very important asset for any company and the firm had to face the aftermath of defining the brand image under one individual.

It is also very difficult to gain the public confidence and trust back by the brand once it is lost. The strategy that was adapted by Martha Stewart to face the issue was also not correct initially. She rejected the mistake that was committed by her. The public considered of her often like a domestic goddess.

But irrespective of this Stewart chose to ignore the public opinion Ferrell, Fraedrich and Errel She is face of the company to a certain extent that she was taken for the personality of the company. In short the importance of ethics and laws cannot be minuscule. The tolerance level for America to these scandals was also not very high.Martha Stewart Paint Garden Shed 12x10 Overhead Door Rough Dimensions Suncast Garden Shed Home Depot yunusemremert.comille Quick Shredded Bbq Chicken How To Build A Hip Roof For A Shed Hand tools are good if you have the luxury of time and energy in the hands.

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Jun 10,  · Our family has a cousin who, when he worked at the Federal Attorneys’ Office, was the co-lead-prosecutor on Martha Stewart case. When I asked him on what basis Martha Stewart was deemed worthy of prosecution, cousin Michael explained that his office had incontrovertible evidence that Martha.

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