500 word essay on why not to cheat

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500 word essay on why not to cheat

Cheating in American high schools is widespread.

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A recent ABCNews poll of to year-olds provided these statistics: In our previous blog, Cheating in Schoolwe provided several facts, consequences, and prevention tips for adolescent cheating.

You can print out these ten reasons to give to your teen and use them as a way to open a discussion. Each time you hand in schoolwork, you are basically telling the teacher that you completed that work on your own.

When you cheat, you inevitably worry about getting caught. The stress of getting caught increases when you consider the possible consequences of your actions, such as getting in trouble at home or receiving disciplinary actions from the school.

It can be very stressful if you get caught in a lie, or if you thinks someone knows about your cheating and might tell someone else. Cheating is unfair to others. Have you ever played a game by the rules only to have a friend who was so intent on winning that they cheated? Cheating is very frustrating when you are playing by the rules.

You may also receive unfair recognition for the better grade, when it is not deserved. Cheating is unfair to you. Accomplishment feels good and helps build self-esteem and self-confidence.

When you cheat, you are basically telling yourself that you do not believe in your own abilities. Cheating just makes you feel bad about yourself. Learning tends to build on itself. You learn basics first so that you can use those basics in more complicated problems later.

Teachers work hard to share knowledge to help you be successful in academics, career, and life. Cheating shows a lack of respect for the efforts of your teacher and your classmates who did the work. It only takes getting caught cheating one time to ruin trust. Even if you never cheat again, those in authority will always have a hard time trusting you and will likely be suspicious of your work.

When others hear about your cheating, their opinion of you will be compromised. Cheating can become a habit. It becomes a habit that follows people throughout college and into their careers. Just like gambling or stealing, cheating can become a part of who you are and spread into other areas of your life.

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Cheaters tend to lose perspective as to what is acceptable behavior and demonstrate a disregard for others. Cheating eventually leads to failure. By skipping the hard work involved in learning, you will never develop the important traits of persistence, dedication, diligence, and sacrifice.

Success takes hard work, and cheating is the easy way out. Eventually, you will find that it is difficult to achieve your goals without these important skills. Your actions define who you are to those around you.

When you cheat, you are expressing yourself to others as lazy, incompetent, untrustworthy, selfish, unintelligent, and disrespectful. In addition, many schools are developing tougher stances on cheating.A numerous number of students who cheat tend not to pay attention in class since they plan on cheating.

Some students do not listen to lectures, read, or put forth any effort to do class work at all. That negative manner usually results in the student not . Dec 13,  · i have an essay due on leadership and why it is important to you i am kind of stuck on what leadership means and i need some help in what i should put in my essay anything would help thanks Additional Details 1) you will write an essay,minimum of words on leadership & why it is important to me 2) the show more i have an essay Status: Resolved.

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All of us feel the temptation to cheat at some point in life. And sometimes we even do. But then overcoming this temptation is the main idea and the lesson to learn.

500 word essay on why not to cheat

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